2014 Under Review : This is Ghana.


Happy New Year to all of us. It has been very fun in 2014 although a little tough but we have been blessed by God to see 2015. In this piece, it is just a review of some news landmarks 2014 would be remembered with. To me, these are just a part of it. Pardon me if i cannot go chronologically.

Well, 2014 was indeed a fascinating year but it seems we started it with the tragic death of Komla Afeke Dumor, ace BBC Focus on Africa presenter. It was not only a blow to Ghanaians but to the world especially when we did not see it coming. May his soul rest in peace. A lot really happened in 2014 and some of these happenings  have not even had answers especially when the D.C.E of Nkwanta south  has still no identified the person who said “tweaa”. He surely should find the person in 2015!

You can’t imagine how “creative” Ghanaians can be unless you get to know why we had to fly money to the Blackstars in Brazil. What did that even yield? Well, if you can’t find creativity in that , I bet you can find just a little in Lydia Forson’s letter to Duncan Williams. And that girl gave a deaf ear to her critics and wrote a sequel letter. The girl did not just understand why the Rev. Minister said women should humble themselves in marriage. Maybe she’ll understand that in 2015.

As for Yvonne Nelson, hmm, she really had enough. The girl said she wasn’t bleaching but Ghanaians will not understand why she kept getting “whiter” . Why did KKD even “say some” . I think I am forgetting onething.
Castro is still not back!. Well, let us keep praying and hoping he gets back.

You know you cannot talk about 2014 without Bishop Obinim and Afia Schwartznegger. You know all about them already. And you probably might have heard about Kwaw Kese. Oh come on! You know. And you also know about KKD and Efe.

Lets just end it here. Its getting hotter. There is just one thing you cannot deny about these issues. Some were troubling though but those are what add to what  make Ghana. You didn’t like that one.

As we enter this year, Busyghana wishes you a Happy New Year and hope to keep informing  you.


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