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These 3 Ways of Healing Pimples will Surprise You

Well, we all know how pimples can be disturbing pimples can be but here are 3 simple but amazing ways to get rid of them.
1. Always remove your makeup before you work out.

We get it: You barely have time to exercise and you sometimes want to look cute when you do. But when you work out, “sweat is coming from pores and that’s exactly where your makeup sits – in pores,” explains Dr. Luftman. “Then you touch your face and press whatever bacteria is at the gym into your skin.” Blech. So not only are you putting your skin at risk for forming new pimples, but the ones you have can get worse. But if skin is makeup free, pores are more likely to stay in the clear and breakouts are able to heal. Try Simple Skincare Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes before you hop on the treadmill.

2. Apply aspirin.

If it can take down a headache, it can take down a pimple thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers. But only use this on the big red kinds, not every single tiny whitehead that pops up. (And just put it on before bed for a night or two as needed.) “Crush up a tablet and add a tiny drop of water to make a paste out it and dab it on the area and let it sit for as long as you can or overnight,” says Dr. Julie Karen, a dermatologist in NYC.

3. Ice it.

“Ice is a potent anti-inflammatory, especially in the face of acute inflammation like with a pimple,” says Dr. Karen. “Icing has two benefits – first, it reduces redness by causing the dilated blood vessels to constrict. It can actually take it down in terms of size and flatten it out, too.” Before applying makeup, place an ice cube on a red, raised pimple for a few 30 second intervals and it will instantly appear flatter. (Just be prepared that the ice will be cold and make your skin red for a bit.)



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