3 Wonderful Reasons Why You should be at Fashion Friday’16. No. 2 Will make you buy a ticket !


Hey there, Fashion Friday is almost here and I’m sure you have read about it already. Well if you haven’t, then here are just three reasons why you should be at the Silver Star Towers on the 26th of August, at exactly 6:30pm.

IMG-20160727-WA00071. The cliche is out.
You see, Crosswalk Models are just redefining what runway shows are. Forget about the memory you have created about Fashion shows and come get a new one.

2.We will be Walking on gold
Of course yes! We all will be walking on gold that night as we herald the theme for this year’s event “Walking on the Streets of Gold”. Crosswalk models is taking the world by storm as they promote decency in fashion. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?

3.Fashion Meets Decency
We all want to be descent but sometimes we might go off board trying to be as fashionable as ever. Heres the thing, you’ll learn all the tips to dressing descently, combining colours and how you can even rock your costume.


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