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5 Simple but Essential Rules to Dressing like an Adult

Your driver’s license gives away your age. Don’t let your clothes do the same. Now is the time to start showing off the older, wiser, sophisticated man you are—starting with these essentials.

1. Find a suit that fits.
A little boy wearing a suit for the first time is cute. A grown man trying to pull off an ill-fitting rig is anything but.

You know the drill by now, so wear a suit that shows it. The first step: Learn the basics of How to Buy the Perfect-Fitting Jacket.

2. Invest in a great pair of jeans.
Finding that perfect pair of well-fitting jeans is worth the steep price tag. Look for three must-have qualities—a slim fit, dark wash, and sturdy construction—and you’ll be able to wear your jeans just about anywhere.

3. Upgrade your outerwear
You spend most of the winter months in a coat, so give it the attention it deserves.

Leave ill-fitting puffy coats to the amateurs—you need a sharp overcoat that slims your body with room for layering, so you’ll look sharp whether you’re wearing a suit underneath or just a pair of weekend “no need to put on clothes to get the morning paper” pajamas.

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4. Buy nice shoes to wear with jeans
Rule No. 1 for upping your shoe game: Leave the athletic shoes at the gym. Instead, reach for a pair of leather boots that pack style and comfort.

And keep them looking new with these tips on The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Shoes.

5. Know when shorts are appropriate
In this age of fashion, Shorts shouldn’t be banned from a gentlemen’s closet. Just know when to wear them.

You’ve got until Memorial Day to add fitted shorts that hit above the knee to your wardrobe. They’ll cut back on any hint of sloppiness to keep you looking sharp.

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