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How to spice up your corporate wear

In almost 75% institutions in Ghana, African prints or African clothes are mostly worn on only Fridays. Ironically, African prints serves as a medium where corporate workers throw away their suits and ties and jump into an them just because its a Friday

These are tips you can follow to help you spice up with a sense and a touch of African print on a normal corporate day.

it is institutional mandatory to dress corporately on working days; suits, nice shirt, cute shoes and a tie to match (classic wear) but its never a breach of institutional conduct when spice up your normal “classic wear” with a touch of an African print, for instance an African print tie and a matching pocket square. This is nothing extraordinary, its just substituting your normal tie with an african print and pocket square. This will still keep your classic look and also show a sense of patriotism.
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Ladies in the corporate world have a big pool to choose from when it comes to these stuffs. Corporate ladies can spice up the corporate attire with some sense and touch of african print such as scarfs, hair bands, hand bags, purses, shoes and other accessories and these can also shoot your corporate wear to different level.images (3)images (2)

Remember….. not too much…. just a touch will work the magic.

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