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Fashion Tips 101: The 3 Pairs of Shoes Every Guy Should Own

Have you ever wonder how many shoes your wife or girlfriend has? My guess is, you will be screaming your lungs out the first you take a look in her wardrobe. You’ll likely count at least 9-13 shoes on the average, every shoe with a bag to match and some abandoned ones which she doesn’t wear any more for some awkward reason… hmmm Ladies of today. For guys, the answer is mostly on the opposite side, ranging from 1-6 but mostly importantly there are 3 types of shoes every guy should own.


Sneakers or camboo, a poplar alternative name for sneakers been used by some Ghanaians, is on essential shoes every should have in his closet. Weekends are your down time, but that doesn’t mean you should dress as relaxed as your attitude. Keep your look casual but still put-together with a pair of sneakers, very suitable for your time out with your buddies or some outing with the family; say the bench. Subtle details—material, color, or type of laces—will set your sneakers apart from the next guy in ordinary slippers.



Next in line is casual business shoe or business casual shoes (any of them goes). A business casual shoe as a step up from a sneaker, not quite formal enough but very cool and comfortable to give you that classic look. It really goes well with ankle length trousers with patterned pair of shocks (optional). A loafer is also considered as business casual shoe. loafer


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One of the most essential shoes that any male shouldn’t ignore is a dress shoe and as the name goes they do speak for themselves. You’ve attended enough weddings and business meetings to know that “dress to impress” means adding polish from head to toe. Speaking of polish, be sure to always complete your formal look with a shoe that’s clean and scuff free. These To shoes will do the trick. Simple and classic, this shoe will get you to your event and back in style.



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