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Yaa’s Diary: Identifying Our Problems : Could They be Right?

When everyone thinks we have a problem and we really do not see things that way, we tend to get annoyed or frustrated and we sometimes go to the extent of cutting them off. So someone would ask us, “I thought you guys were best of friends, what happened?” then we go like “Let’s say she thinks she is the perfect one. Everything I do is just wrong to her.” Then the person would ask “Did you try finding out why?” Then finally we lose it…”Look here Mister, the last thing I want to hear now is your opinion, if you don’t mind I have work to do.”

It is interesting to know that mostly there is an iota of truth in every rumour though sometimes they are nothing but cheap gossips. We are “human beings” and the last time I checked the suffix “–ing” creates the impression that something is in progress or in a process so no one is actually insinuating that we are perfect in all our ways…we are in the process of becoming who God wants us to be. It is therefore unwise on our part to want to cut off those who really see our faults and point them out to us; not out of jealously or trying to prove they are better off than we are.

This is not to say we have to accept everything people say about us, as a matter of fact some do not really have the right to take out the specks in our eyes when they actually have logs in theirs. That is not the point anyway. The point is, is there any truth in what they are saying…sincerely? When she said, “You are too bossy, too insensitive, too selfish, too proud, too boring”, was there any truth in that? Huh let us not be too quick to answer, something might have pushed her to make that comment, don’t we think so?

Sometimes we are too busy to know when we have developed negative attitudes, so when others do and we genuinely know they are right, we need to accept our faults and work on them if we want to become better people.

The last thing we can think about after identifying a problem is trying to deal with it with our own might. God is the only one who can help us change because He created us and He knows the best approach to use to get the expected results.

He knows what we are, what we can be and what we cannot be. Asking Him to help us change some attitude we have developed that drives people away from us is a better way of dealing with the situation. He will like to listen to our part of the story too. Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson they shall become like wool.” He definitely can help us with this change we need.

Distancing ourselves from people and convincing ourselves that we are not treated like we deserve to be treated is quite a torture. At times if we dropped our pride… just a little and genuinely apologized to those who believe we have wronged them, we would not have go through the hustle of trying fix some broken relationships now.
We know deep in our hearts the people in our lives who mean no harm with what they tell us. So the next time they make a comment about something we are not doing right, we can just tell them something nice and then when we are alone with God we can figure out if they really have a point.

Written by:
Yaa Serwah Antwi

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