Game of Thrones Season 6: First episode leaks online


President Obama may have been the only person officially allowed to watch season six of Game of Thrones ahead of its scheduled broadcast – but, in a display of admirable egalitarianism and ineptitude, an early leak has inadvertently let hundreds of other people in on the fun.

The first episode of the hotly anticipated new series, which is due to premiere at 9pm tonight in the US (2am UK time) was mistakenly made available online for a few hours, according to various internet fan threads. While some websites are claiming that HBO themselves were responsible for the leak, initial posts appear to blame a Canadian streaming website.
Either way, the leaked season opener has now been taken down – but not before a number of fans managed to watch it and post multiple plot spoilers on a Reddit thread and on IMDB.

While many dismissed the claims as a hoax, it now looks as if the spoilers– some of which are backed up with alleged screen grabs, posted on the image-sharing website Imgur and accompanied by French subtitles – may be genuine.

If you don’t want to know anything at all about the revelations, we suggest you click away now.


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