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Adiepena Services; the company that is redefining catering services in Ghana

We all want good food; nutritious, tasty and hygienic. Yes we all do but we also sometimes want to save a little time to do that assignment.

You see, the thing about food is that, you really don’t enjoy it if its not served well. You need all this in one and thats why the new catering service in town, Adiepena Services, is here.In fact the name suggests to avlarge extent their focus on quality.

img-20161112-wa0001They have in stock Tomato stew, Kontomire stew, Garden Egg Stew, whatsapp-image-2016-11-11-at-11-41-54-amCabbage Stew and Purely Vegetable Stew etc
It comes with Chicken, Goat meat, Tuna, Red fish, Tilapia etc

You want soup, don’ worry . They also have mouth-watering light soup, Groundnut soup, Palm nut Soup, Nkate konto etc

Ghc30 for the small bowl with 6 large portions of chicken, ghc40 for the medium bowl with 9 large portions and ghc50 for large with 12 large pieces of chicken.There is a free delivery service on University of Ghana campus.

The stews are freshly prepared,no refrigeration and packaged neatly in bowls.

So save time and call/text/whatsapp Adiepena Services on 0540371164.

I bet you would want a second order after your first



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