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Before Independence; Reflections from the Cape Coast Castle

Reflections of a Cape Coast Castle Visitor

Wails loomed out and penetrated its thick walls. Cries of pain and anguish, of misery and despair always characterized it uniquely white walls. The paints were as white as snow on a wall as tall as trying to be in competition with the skies. The many lives this building with so many apartments has seen are just enough to build a country. Some have cursed it but others have also smiled at it. Yet, the Cape Coast castle has never lost its significance of a cultural heritage, of a heritage that speaks many unheard words than the mouth and of one that has evoked emotions over time.

The Cape Coast castle has seen enough. Looking at its thick walls that wanted to touch the skies, I am forced to think that the architects worked with the mastery and carefulness of a craftsman. The many apartments that characterized it with the taste of a palace of a mighty kingdom yet its most of its occupants never enjoyed its treat to better relaxation.

Indeed, families have been departed here. Lives have been shuttered and dreams eternally washed ashore. Hopes of future aspirations that will lead to generations been liberated mentally were destroyed here without reason. The woes of an African mother began here and the troubles of the father also continued here. Ambitious and intelligent men with a heart of branding the African continent saw themselves going through the “The Door of No Return” with shackles that afflicted pains of unwashable indemnity.
Its outward appearance appears to be like a mighty fortress where you could run to in times of danger yet running there was more of a slave submitting himself to a European trader after running away from an African slave master. There was no hope for him, except the hope of travelling ashore and not hearing any bad news from home.
The site of this castle never ceases to amaze my imaginations. Looking at it, a lot of questions that needed much answers than I thought keeps reechoing in my ears. How could a fortress like this that could have saved many lives than it destroyed serve a purpose like that? Yes, it wasn’t built for it but it came to be for it. How could the same building make some people happy and inflect eternal emotional trauma on others?

Well, I think the beautiful sea that faced it would one day bring home answers. It would wash ashore answers that one man somewhere in Africa desperately and inwardly needs but can’ t ever get. Its beautiful walls would break down to unveil the many lovely and ugly stories that have been hidden there for generations.
The dungeons would be cleaned and would actually be used for dungs, not humans. I believe many people would walk back through that door, and would return home. There would be no more chapels on top of dungeons where people spread the word of God upwards during the day and tortured their listeners at night.
I believe there would be a day when stories from this Castle would be heard by the heart and not the ears.

Eugene Agyei Brown, Dedicated to Our Ghana.



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