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Burning banner at ADB House triggers public scare

Occupants of the Accra Financial Centre, which houses the Agricultural Development Bank (adb) were dealt a scare after parts of its 8- storey building caught fire Saturday morning.

The damage was minor glasses broken and four floors reeking of smoke from the blaze.
“what got burnt is the signage of the Accra Financial Centre which hangs from the third to the eighth floor. That has been burnt completely and is on the floor as I speak,” by Francis Abban, a witness.

Some eyewitnesses who work in the building said they were alarmed when the fire started, but felt relief when they noticed it was not grave.

Managing Director of the Bank, Daniel Asiedu was on the premises to access the extent of damage. He said, “basically it is just a small fire incident. The beauty is that is just affected the signage from outside.”

He added that no property was damaged and without the quick response of personnel of the Fire Service the damage would have been greater.

Staff of the bank together with the MD prayed and thanked God for his intervention in averting a disaster.




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