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Campus Crash TV Set To air on 7Plus TV

As part as TCE Networks initiative, an integrated media, digital marketing and events Management company, Campus Crash TV is designed to educate, innovate and entertain the youth of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The initiative gives talented and unique student entrepreneurs the platform to develop and market  themselves to the outside world.

Campus Crash TV targets the youth, mostly the tertiary student, to create the awareness on student and youth entrepreneurship and to help them grow their business through a carefully organized,  top quality  educational and entertainment content.

Campus Crash TV also seeks to provide the platform for brand marketing, advertising, students empowerment, talent management, education and many more.
The TV show which has its mission and vision well defined is set be aired on 7plus TV on Digital and would be hosted by one of the fastest growing Ghanaian blogger, regular TV panelist and radio presenter, Barimah Amoaning Samuel popularly known as Chief Blogger and Martha Daniels, Radio presenter and Miss Malaika’s 2015 first runner up.

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