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We Can’t Think Far, Indeed, We Can’t Think Far: An Epistle to the Ghanaian Media

For so long a time, my believe has always been that Ghana was destined to be poor; but this thought is far from the path of righteousness and for that matter, weigh far from being the truth. Mother nature has been more than kind to us by blessing us with all that we need for the progress of our nation, from one stage to the other. But we just can’t think far, yes we just can’t reason well enough to put these blessings to good use.

I was never held back for 1 micro second when a joke by a native actor which goes like; “I can’t think far”, suddenly became the mantra of members of parliament, ministers of state, members of the media, and who ever matters in our nation’s development. It did not only become a statement they used to trivialize issues of national importance, but it also depicts and reveals the truth in the statement that, yes they indeed, cannot think and reason to expectation.

The seriousness of the Ghanaian media has for some time now become very questionable and I think it is the right time to address the media squarely. Yes as the fourth estate of the realm, I have thought and have always believed that it must performed that role accordingly and very responsibly. Far from that, the media seems to be extremely irresponsible and very unprofessional in the delivery of its roles to Ghanaians.

What has triggered this backlash? You are right to ask; now for once, have you sat down for a second to imagine why a very responsible media will choose to discuss the sipping of kallypo by the presidential aspirant of the NPP at the expense of the nation’s $500,000 being used to purchase golden watches for retired staff of the bank of Ghana?. This is how poor and how worthless the Ghanaian media has become, that, they find no reason for discussing issues that possess the tendencies of aiding in the nation’s development and economic growth; rather, those that would attract wider listenership.

My dear reader, the decision to pen these few words to the media did not come at the heels of this “Akuffu Addo kallypo saga”, rather the interest has been there for a while if you care to know. I trust your sense of recollection has not failed you, even though the president of the republic says you and I have short memories. You and I would vividly remember that once upon a time, the general secretary of the NDC, General Mosquito they call him; supposedly wore a female’s jacket to Germany when he was on a trip with the president for a state visit as his winter coat. Can you imagine that such a trivial matter became a serious topic for hot debates and vigorous discussions among so-called intellectuals on the airwaves for several weeks?

A number of you may be ready to come to their defence that, these are some of the issues that gain them wider listenership. So, must it always be about listenership even if there are very essential issues like the alarming rate of graduate unemployment, unbridled corruption among potentates, lack of portable drinking water, among the numerous others that are worthy of discussion on the airwaves?. Come to think of it, they give room for politicians to take the whole nation for granted and after that, they come back criticizing them to us. What kind of hypocrisy and dishonesty is more than this?

It is simple and straight forward, it is high time media owners hired the services of more responsible persons who are ready to see the progress of this nation, people who are serious and are ever ready to take Ghanaians serious. The microphone must not be handed to any stooge at all, because he is a grammartino and the greatest rhetoric of our time.

Fare thee well.

Yours’ truly, Azamati.

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