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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: Shadows

Are there times when we take actions without any particular reasons? Or can we really give explanations to every single…

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KiKUU- The Modern Way of Shopping Online

The stress of buying online and not receiving what you see is very troubling. It makes you feel cheated. It…

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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: The Bus Experience

Anytime you board a bus, you mostly have quite a number of choices on where you would want to sit.…

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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: There is a tomorrow; Is it mine anyway?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a tomorrow for you? Not in the sense that you would be lifeless…

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Short Story of the Week: Atta Laryea

Episode 1 Indeed God has given everyone their special gift or talent, and Atta Laryea is one those with the…

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Creatine: What It Is, What It Does, and Its Side Effects

Creatine works. Lifters know this, professors know this, the marketers who sell the stuff know this. But nobody should put…

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Amazing facts about Africa you have never known

Africa is one of the greatest continents anyone can find themselves on. The many things such as our beautiful culture,…

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Legon SRC Elections : Maybe the Prestige is Lost or the apathy vanished

One of the characteristics of every second semester is the fact that with mixed feelings final year students would be…

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A Reason to Cheer; Boosting Others’ Morale

A Reason to Cheer; A Morale Booster We were screaming, jumping, clapping and singing almost at the same time from…

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Abossey Okai Goes Online

If there ever was a time when Ghanaians rose to the use of modern technology, I guess it is now.…

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