Commonwealth Hall student stabs Old Vandal to death [Video]


According to an Old Vandal has been stabbed to death in a bloody fight with his colleague at the Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana, Legon.

The Saturday evening incident has shocked residents of the hall, who are yet to understand what triggered the heated argument that led to the fight in which broken bottles and a knife were used.

The deceased, who was only named as Chief Tipsy, according to, was rushed to the Legon Hospital but passed away shortly after.

The Legon Police reportedly thronged the Hall after a resident placed a call to them, and picked up the suspect, who is currently in their custody.

According to eyewitnesses’ account, the two were engaged in a heated argument after they returned from a programme outside the school.

Confirming the incident to, Ato Brown, SRC President of the Graduate Students of the University of Ghana, said information he received from Commonwealth Hall suggests that the deceased was not a student as had been reported earlier.

“The information we’ve gathered so far is that, they are old vandals, and apparently they went for a funeral or a programme somewhere and they started with an argument and tempers flared up from the other person. So actually it was even the assailant who helped him [The deceased] to the hospital after stabbing him, and he is in the custody of the police for investigations. So they are not students and so there’s not so much cause for alarm even though we acknowledge them as old students”.

The suspect reportedly used broken bottles on the deceased, before he snatched a knife from a khebab seller, and stabbed him. A graphic video available to shows blood all over the floor.

Some eyewitnesses believe that the suspect in particular or the two, may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Legon Police are not immediately available for comment.



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