“You crazy Ashawo boy…leave me alone”-Afia Schwarzenegger to Elikem Kumodzi


Elikem Kumodzi might have been thinking he was doing Afia Schwarzenegger some good when the tailorposted a seemingly consolatory message on his instagram page but it seems the comedienne decoded the message differently.

He wrote early Friday morning that “@queenafiaschwarzenegger. when my matter came, you said some, kainkainkain, I wanted to laugh at you at first but STOP. HOLD ON. No man on this earth no matter what, should do what your husband did, he had no right to put you out like that, he’s getting all the shame and blame now, nkwasiasem paa, looking like he’s trying to cover up things and is looking for a way out, who hasn’t done what before, everyone’s got a skeleton hidden somewhere or something they’ve done in the past.

Leave your wife if you want to. And YES, that was leverage, and she would have shut up and walked if you didn’t want her anymore, but people rebel and when they do it’s dangerous and outrageous. Take heart my sister, but we’ve been there, done that, drama comes and goes, and so does foes.

Enjoy your life, if you are not happy in a marriage to get the flack out, “Life is about learning from the past, trusting your intuition going forward, taking chances, finding moments of happiness, and realizing everything is simply a lesson that happens for a reason”.

Afia in a sharp reply said, “You crazy Ashawo boy…leave me alone before I pour acid on u…”. When most thought the actor would get angry with Afia’s reply, he came to laugh at it.


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