Delay hops from one hotel to another, brags too much – Nana Tonardo [Audio]


Last sunday wasn’t a good one for Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay as she engaged in a rather not so nice social media brawl with Nana Tonardo, one of the actors on her television show Read the story here if you haven’t.

Tonardo has revealed on Abeiku Santana’s show that Delay talks too much and she hops from one hotel to another looking for rich white men who don’t even have time for her. Tonardo also revealed that it was Delay who approached him and not vice versa as Delay claims.

In all this, Delay hasn’t really come out to respond. The only thing she has done was to post an image with an inscription that sought to call Nana Tonardo a ‘drama queen’


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