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Yaa Serwah’s Diary: Doors that Sense

A popular nursery rhyme that came into mind during rush hour when I was selfishly wishing there was no other vehicle on the road but the one I was uncomfortably seated in at the back was, “when you see the traffic light, there is something you should know…”

I used to enjoy singing that with my friends and I am very sure my voice was heard way over that of theirs. Sincerely I find that irritating sometimes…stopping? Even when no one else is on the road? I certainly do not have a problem stopping where we are expected to but then when this particular traffic light shows just the “red” all the time applying this principle will just be impossible.

A red light in reality could be anything that stops us from doing exactly what we want to do, and most times they are situations that do not give us any sense of hope; things that cause fear in us to the extent that we give up dreams we have held on to for years without thinking them over.

There are times when we need courage to take only a step towards what sends that chill down our spines; not because we believe we can overcome them but because in reality they are not so overwhelming like we see them from a distance.
One story of the Israelites that throws more light on this better is found in Joshua 3. The Israelites had had a message from God to cross the Jordan without any sign of an obvious path that had been created in the river.

For the kind of comments that they might have passed because of this “deadly” instruction, your guess is as good as mine! “Are they going towards that river?” “Is there a ship or something?” “These old fellas are really toying with our young lives.” “I’m not moving an inch if the magic Moses did does not repeat itself.” As for the Priest themselves I cannot imagine exactly how they felt. It is quite surprising to know that the river did not part till the feet of the priests who were carrying the ark touched the river’s edge making way for the dry land they walked on.

Let us do some analysis here; The River parted as soon as their feet touched the edge. It can therefore be deduced from what actually happened that if the Priest did not gather the courage to step into the river, it would never have paved way for a dry land they so desired then.

The same can be said about our lives. We mostly wish for some specific doors of opportunities to open to us before we make a move towards them. Then we adopt certain consoling phrases like “if only this can happen, then I will do that.” When in actual sense the “door” might never open because it could be an automatic door which uses an approach sensor; the door only opens when a user approaches it. It cannot see us from where we are; neither can it calculate the steps we need to take before it makes way for us. It just needs to sense us and ‘swoosh’ it will open.

There may be wonderful surprises waiting for us behind those doors we may be starring at now. Why wait when this is all we ever wanted? Why wish to be another person when what they did is exactly what we are scared to do? Let us brace ourselves to make those moves today because the doors will sense us and will make way for us to get to the other side. We might not be leaping into the dark like we have imagined, we might actually be the next big thing to happen to the world.

Written by : Yaa Serwah Antwi



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