Don’t insult me because I chose Mahama


Mzbel made headlines when she publicly voiced out who had own her vote among the flag bearers of the various political parties vying for the presidency in the coming elections.

She disclosed that the presidential candidate of the ruling party National Democratic Congress, H.E John Dramani Mahama was her choice and ever since then, Mzbel has known no peace.

After keeping quiet for some time, she decided to tell her critics a peace of her mind today via an Instagram post.

She wrote

It is a shame to see people insult, ridicule and attack my personality just because I was bold enough to voice out my political opinion to endorse H.E. President John Dramani Mahama.

Are these not the same hypocrites who preach about peace and political participation? Why rain insults on others because they disagree with your political views?

Aside the insults and ‘name-calling’, there is also a fabricated story on some websites with the caption “Nana Addo is not sexy at all, and will not win my vote –Mzbel” ….This is not only false but very sad to see trivial minds who call themselves journalists use falsehood and misleading quotes just to drive traffic to their irrelevant sites. I have not and will never attack other people’s personality because of their political stands.

I don’t have a problem if you disagree with my choice and political opinion, but Instead of taking the time to insult, say false things and / or misquote me, you should rather focus on sharing your views, declaring your stand and respecting others’ political decisions.

It is a disgrace to our nation if we continue to act in such manner and I say; Enough Is Enough!



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