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Efya is not headlining ‘Girl Talk Concert’ – Kiki Banson

After Becca left her manager Kiki Banson, one of the many questions people asked was “Who headlines this year’s Girl Talk concert?”.

A lot of names came up, but organisers of the show never came out to confirm or deny any of them. Few days ago, it was reported by some media outlets that singer Efya will be headlining this year’s concert.

Kiki Banson, the brain behind the show has come out to deny the report. Speaking on Starr FM, Kiki said

“I don’t know where he information is coming from, but seriously it is not credible. As typically as we are, we don’t really talk about the show until we are ready. This rumour keeps coming almost every year. We heard it last year and even two years ago but in two weeks time or so, we will launch and outdoor the event as well as the headliner”

When asked who headlines this year’s event, he answered that “it’s all going to be a surprise and will be known after two weeks during the launch”.



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