Epistles of Azamati: The Late Sense of Patriotism

A tribute to ama Ghana on the sorrowful demise of patriotism:

Dear Ama Ghana,
I trust that the infinite power which rules the destinies of the universe has granted you tranquillity in all your endeavours. Pardon me if you may for my failure to keep you posted on the series of events that have gone bye; I know by now you are uninformed about unfolding events in your kingdom. Well, until a decade and two years ago, we were fine; but For some time now, we have been blinded by complete darkness which is known here as “dumso”, again, corruption has engulfed the leadership of the nation. Not least, I wish to inform you that football, a game through which your name has been decorated with laurels, trophies and medals in the past, has been miserably messed up by a chap by name Kwasi Nyantekyi and his corrupt bastion. And recently too, our ears have been troubled by arguments in the media about the incarceration of three persons who have been convicted by your apex court of contempt of court. I again would like to inform you that our attention is currently centred on the forth coming elections.

Obaahemaa, haven’t alerted you on present happenings, I wish to focus my concentration on the article of my epistle. Oh, Ama Ghana Recognizing that its been long since I wrote to you, I should not have confronted you with an obituary. But ama Ghana, it is with a heavy heart and with deep regret that I announce to you the death of patriotism.
I am with a fervent believe that even though you are battling with old age and her good friend menopause, you have not lost memory of your noble sons and daughters; therefore, you would vividly recollect that Half a century and some nine years ago, on your coronation as a queen mother of Sub-Saharan Africa, you brought forth an illustrious son called Patriotism who came in spirit and not in flesh, and was hailed across the length and breath of your jurisdiction. Noble as he was, Patriotism found his way into the hearts of selfless country men in whom he planted the unquenchable thirst for the development of your jurisdiction. This virtue of nobility inspired musicologists, songstresses, music teachers and orchestras across the length and breadth of your territory to indite fantastic tunes to perpetually fan the flames of patriotism.

But Nana hemaa, if my memory has not wrongly informed me, it has been close to a decade since you head little ones of yours’ passionately sing patriotic songs like; “GHANA MY HAPPY HOME”, “ARISE GHANA YOUTH FOR YOUR COUNTRY”, amongst the innumerable ones composed in other dialects. I am aware that just like every other mother, in your pensive mood you wander as to why you don’t hear them anymore, and why all of a sudden, dedication, devotion and commitment to your success have vanished into oblivion. Very well, is not that these mortal vessels have run out of tongues and accompanying lips to profess your greatness and inspire younger generations to nurture the interest of seeing to your flourishing as a nation, but is that the once illustrious son of yours, “Patriotism”, has departed from the hearts of the millions including I Azamati who make up your kingdom.

Nana, not only have these wonderful tunes faded from the memories of these young ones who are to hold-up the future of yours’ but also, the politically elected souls in the helm of affairs like so-called “Members of Parliament”, Ministers of state, chief executive officers of state owned organizations, directors and chief directors of ministries even struggle to recite the national pledge and sing the national anthem which are meant to whip up nationalism and or patriotism in the citizenry. Yes, patriotism has died out of the hearts of the nation’s leaders, and due to this, they joyously loot the coffers of your treasury to acquire properties in Dubai, some for the erection of stomach mansions and the rest for the acquisition of the endowments of whores. Oman Ghana, by now you might have known the diseases which killed Patriotism.

An attempt to narrate the aftermouth of the demise of patriotism may leave you in tears for the rest of your life; but please allow me to recount to you these few in the ensuing paragraphs:

In the first place, I am very much sorry to tell you that, In the name of constitutionalism, your men have ascended the hills of leadership and now practise intra-colonialism; sorry, if I have made you wonder allowed at the hearing of colonialism; no! Remain calm, because queen Elizabeth and her British empire have not packed their bag and baggage back to the enticing coast of your kingdom; rather, it is that the republic of greediness has extended her dominion over your jurisdiction. And now your poor subjects find themselves at the mercy of deception, hypocrisy, oppression and exploitation.

more importantly, please be informed that after the death of patriotism, Passing comments on issues of national importance has recently become a very bitter pale for countrymen with integrity to swallow. The difficulty does not lie in saying whatever must be said, but the long centuries which it would take for political vultures to devour them is the matter. Ama! You will be utterly surprise to know that the hand full who are not used as chewing sticks are assigned to political parties by politicians in their political lenses for them to be vilified left, right and centre.

Undoubtedly, many technocrats, competent and level headed men have sat back to look on as our nation peacefully and hurriedly deteriorate minute by minute under the delightful watch of “managing directors of corruption”, “chief executive officers of incompetence”, And “board chairmen of social injustice.”

Mé Man Ghana, it is a source of deep regret that the sudden demise of patriotism has left your people at the mercy of tribalism, where potentates have sworn heaven and earth to be faithful not to all citizens alike, but to they that trace their origin to their mother tongue. Unlike the days of Nkrumah, Gbedemah, Botsio, Kofi Baako, Adamafio, and the many others when there existed an absolute devotion to the union of all Ghanaians with little or no regards for tribal routes, today, nationalism finds herself in the annals of history where attempts to revive her can be best described as an exercise in futility. Indeed, Passion for national development has strained and the once hailed bond of affection has broken. The mystic cords of nationalism which once stretched across the bounds of Akan, Ewe, Ga-adangbe, Molé Dagbani through to that of Guan lands has been cut into pieces just to bind people of these origins separately from each other.

Worried as you may be at the hearing of this bad news, it only fair that I don’t continue to add salt to injury, but I can’t convey my message to you without mentioning that, among the committee of nations today, Of brain power you are assured. Of mechanical skill there is no dearth; but dishonest or insincerity has festered among your youth who are regarded in many circles as the future leaders who will hold up the forts for unborn generations.

Oh! Ama Ghana, I am constrained by deep sorrows and engulfed with streams of tears which is likely to soak the paper. I am unable to prolong my narration to you; I entreat the goodness of that Power whose providence mercifully freed your subjects from the cruel hands of military juntas, and has since safeguarded your kingdom in various vicissitudes, to dearly console you and resurrect patriotism in the hearts of Ghanaians like “his only begotten son”, so they may offer up their ardent supplications that He will continue to make the prosperous development of your kingdom the object of His divine care and gracious benediction.

Fare thee well.

Yours’ truly,

Eugene Agyei Brown

Passionate writer. Unrepentant Critic. I want to write to impact the world. Forgive me if I become too harsh.lol. Get in touch with me on facebook and lets have a chat.

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