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Explosion at Madina-Atomic junction Goil filling station

Residents in and around Madina, Atomic Junction and a section of the main campus of the University of Ghana run helter-skelter following an explosion that occurred at a gas station in Atomic Junction and further spread to the Goil Filling station near Madina in the Greater Accra Region.

The residents some of whom were almost half naked run for their lives following the explosion.

The nature of the explosion caused pandemonium in Madina, Legon and its environs.

It is unclear what might have led to the explosion. According to further reports, the fire spread to another filling station.

Heavy vehicular traffic has been caused by the explosion on the Accra-Aburi stretch of the road. Reports coming in shows road has been diverted as firefighters battle the raging fire.

Some people are seen evacuating their homes and some drivers have also been seen leaving their cars behind to seek safety.

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