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Get to the finish line

I sat glued to my TV set, as I eagerly awaited what my favourite channel, Praise TV had to offer me that day. It was the Morning Christian Movie at 10am. After patiently waiting, my hopes were shattered as I had watched that movie on that same station months ago. I was very bored but as I changed the channels, I had nothing better to watch than to watch that movie again.

The movie was a normal movie the first time I watched it but this time, it looked quite different, though it was what I had watched months ago. This movie talked about four Jamaicans who wanted to qualify into the Olympics of a certain snow racing sport known as Bob sleighing. Coming from different backgrounds, they found it difficult agreeing to this vision.

After putting everything in place and getting a coach as well, they had just one last thing to further this vision. MONEY. Seeing the problem, they tried many ways of raising funds from their community. Well, their people didn’t believe in them so they couldn’t raise enough.

The last day for them to do something arrived and if they had not raised that amount needed by the end of the day, their dream would be well and truly over. Just when they thought all was over, the shortest guy amongst them, who happened to be very rich appeared and just threw his bag on the table. As inquisitive as they were, they opened it and to their surprise, they found money, more than they needed in it. So the big question followed, “Where from this?” He answered, “I had to sell my car for us to enter the competition.”

The others were surprised and didn’t want to accept his decision but after further talks they agreed and they parted to Russia.

It was a whole new environment. Walking on snow was even a problem for these Jamaicans let alone the weather. They had to adapt to this environment before they could start training. Apparently, they worked hard and kept on reminding themselves, “We gotta make mother Jamaica proud”. Their first setback was the bobsleigh (snow car) they had. Very dilapidated and rickety but they did some mending to it.

They were so determined till their first race went wrong. Their small community in Jamaica watched their boys occupy the last position. They were out. That evening was a nightmare for them as they reflected on how hard they had worked to get there, the sacrifices and all. Their coach had a plan. He went to the office and somehow pleaded and the next morning he had a call saying, “You’re in again”. This was a dream come true. They had a second chance. They got better and better and made it to the finals. They got the support of even the commentators. The underdogs had proved a point. On the eve of the final, one guy asked his coach, “What has been your secret?” His response was all he needed, “Get to the finish line.” That got him thinking a lot. The finals approached and every country had taken their turn.

All was set for the last team, JAMAICA. Millions of people watched from their screens including the Jamaicans who didn’t believe in these 4 guys. They had the best start ever and on they went… the cheers were massive, as everyone thought history was about to be made. Suddenly, their car developed a fault and that was it. They lost control. Once again, it was over. They lifted up their eyes and voila, that was the finish line, they were very close to making history. As the first aid team had them rescued, they did something that marveled me. With the metal blades on their shoulders, they carried the bobsleig and walked to the finish line. Everyone started clapping and cheering. People started taking their autographs, it seems they had forgotten the winners. They stole the news headlines, just because they didn’t give up.

I was wondering, that day, every country got to the finish line but the news was centered on these guys. Why? They did theirs in grand style. They didn’t give up. They completed what they had started, in the midst of their challenges. They returned as heroes, rather than losers.Probably, the first time I watched this movie, I missed the climax of the movie, the sentence that defined the movie. That statement was, “GET TO THE FINISH LINE”.

Beloved, that’s how life paints itself to us. We are full of dreams and visions, eagerly working hard to accomplish these, but when we face one or two challenges, we tend to give up. In order to succeed, our desire for success must be greater than our fear for failure. Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “what if I fail?” Remember, that success often rises from the ashes of failure. Two wrongs, are only the beginning. Press on, don’t give up, don’t quit. Do you know why? It’s because the distance you have covered already is farther than the distance you have left to cover. Going back does not shorten your journey, it only makes it longer. The beginning is always the hardest. Have the finish line in mind, go through the potholes, even if you fall, get to the finish line. That’s when you can quit, which you know is not possible at that stage.

Most often, we don’t pursue our purpose, that’s why we quit. We quit because we pursue glory, fame, wealth, etc. but if we are to pursue our purpose, it will be very difficult to give up.

If these Jamaicans were looking for glory, they would have got angry with the car, kicked it and curse it for letting them down. Instead, they made it a hero, and they also became true heroes. They pursued their purpose, to finish the race, and they did it. Trials, temptations, challenges, problems, all these things will come our way, but are we ready to sail through with Christ? God won’t take you that far to leave you.

Just trust Him. You’re not a loser till you give up. Like the people, they didn’t believe in these guys. People will discourage you, they will say you can’t make it. You don’t need approval from people to start your dream, all you need is God’s approval. When the world says ‘GIVE UP’, hope whispers, ‘TRY IT ONE MORE TIME’. I hope this piece will be like that hope whispering to you today that, ‘YOU CAN MAKE IT’.

Don’t be afraid of failure. We are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. TRY, TRY, TRY. If it’s good, it’s wonderful, if it’s bad, it’s experience. Wake up, draw your finish line, start the race, and don’t forget your key, “GET TO THE FINISH LINE”



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