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‘Being a Ghanaian must Stand for Something’- President Akufo-Addo

The just sworn in President of the Republic of Ghana has re-echoed the need  for them to have a sense of patriotism .

He said this in his inaugural speech by saying that “Being a Ghanaian must stand for something”.

“Being a Ghanaian must put a certain responsibility on each of us. Calling yourself a Ghanaian must mean you have signed up for a certain definable code of conduct.

“Beizng a Ghanaian puts an obligation on each one of us to work at building a fair and prosperous nation,” he told the more than 6,000 people who have gathered at the Black Star Square to witness the investiture, Saturday.

According to the President, Ghanaians must look out f7or each other adding there should be no higher praise than to be able to say “I am a Ghanaian”.

“I thank the almighty that I am able to say with pride that I am a Ghanaian,” he stated, stressing “a new dawn has arisen in Ghana which will enable us to build a new political civilisation which will be the beckon of Africa and a wonder of the world.”

He further charged them to all help make Ghana work again.



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