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Why Gramophone Chorus is Redefining Choral Music in Ghana

When my friend, David Nyarko, invited me for one of their programs, Fellowship of Songs, I couldn’t turn up. I didn’t really feel I had missed something until he brought me a CD of their recorded songs. I guess you can conclude for me. I missed more than I imagined. All that came to mind was to ask myself if there still existed in Ghana a choir, not a contemporary one, that still sung like that but Gramophone Chorus shut me up. Yes, there was a choir and that was Gramophone Chorus.fos4_8

Growing up, I have heard and seen choirs I thought had no match. The likes of Winneba Youth Choir, Okyeman Youth Choir and a host of others. They took the singing business serious, at least that’s not what I thought, it’s what I knew until I discovered recently that they were not alone. Others did too.

Gramophone Chorus
fos4_11-minNow to those of you who are about to get bored with what you may describe as “too much flowery”,the choir is the first offspring/arm of the dream of Gramophone Ghana. Gramophone Chorus has an environment that allows young Musicians to minister songs as well as improve upon their singing. At the end of May 2014, the choir met for the first time in a room at Meghill Baeta-Jiagge Hall in the Trinity Theological Seminary.

I had seen their pictures and flyers on social media and admired the titles but had never heard them actually sing until I got that CD from David and I must say that, this choir will pass for nothing less than an amazing one with voices like that of cherubims and Seraphims. I just wish you could listen to their version of “Adanse Kronkron” or “)man b3y3 yie a”. You see, I think even Osei Boateng will be glad to hear them sing “Gyatabruwa”. The thing about this choir is that, they just don’t have amazing and angelic voices, they sing with meaning.

Craft and Discipline
If by any means you see any young person in a white or gold gown almost sweeping the floor around Trinity fos5_2Theological Seminary, then that person should be from Gramophone Chorus. The dexterity with which their costumes have been crafted and the discipline in which they were them with coupled with the discipline they show on stage is just enough to make you sit through their event and that is if you want to block your ears from their sweet melodies.

iI usually do not write reviews but if I do, then trust me there is something I have Here’s the thing, there is no two ways about it, they are redefining what choral music is again in Ghana. Soon, I think they are going to be at par with world renowned choirs like The Monteverdi Choir or The Choir of Westminster Abbey in the UK or even the Soweto Gospel Choir in South Africa.

This is one of their annual programs they organize and I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this year’s. This year’s is a 120-minute Christian Service of songs dubbed “White Christmas” with Gramophone Chorus. Its happening live on the 4th of December at the Trinity Theological Seminar at exactly 6pm. M,ind you, they are a very disciplined choir and so lateness is not a word in their dictionary.

Written By Eugene Agyei Brown, For BusyGhana0542595441

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