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‘The Groom Said No’ Play to be staged on Legon Campus Tomorrow

The gown will be ready, the party set planned, music selected and dance moves rehearsed, and of course the guests will be waiting for the day but what if the groom says no. Well, I know, we all don’t want to bring ourselves to believe that something like this could happen, right?

Stick with your thoughts for now and join hundreds of theater lovers on the University of Ghana Campus to watch this amazing drama, “The Groom Said No”. In fact, you are going to laugh your heart out while the actors deal with pertinent social issues in a rather dramatic way. What could me more fun than this.

About “The Groom Said No”

The play revolves around an army officer who returns home  from a trip only to realise that his marriage has been arranged by his mother. In an attempt to escape from this web of conspiracy , feigns an illness that would later get the whole family in shock.

What follows this is why I would want you to be there. the Play is written by Nathan Hale and Directed by Miss Vera Ansaa Asante. See the details below.

DATE: 16th-18th March

VENUE: Efua T. Sutherland Drama Studio, Legon

RATE: Ghc5 (Students) |Ghc10.00 (Others)

Go grab a front seat, get a pop corn and laugh out loud.



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