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I almost gave up due to….- Gifty Anti

Host of popular feminine TV program ‘The Stand Point’ Gifty Anti has revealed that she almost gave up on her broadcasting career due to fear of failure and backstabbing.

According to her, apart from her late father, many of the people she encounted at the beginning of her career wanted her to fail.

Speaking to Kafui Dey on the Morning Starr Wednesday, the former GBC presenter said she is thankful to God that she survived the many hurdles that came her way whiles she was at the job.

“I was afraid of failing at every point because I didn’t have many people there cheering me on, especially when my father died. He was my greatest cheer leader but I was afraid of failing.

“…And people; the talk, the rumours, sometimes the stabbing at the back almost made me give up. But I am one stubborn woman determined to take the risk. I will rather try and fail than to sit back and say that I wish,” she stated.

She dared women who have the desire to establish a legacy not to succumb to pressure from society.




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