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Issues With WASSCE Remedials? Try the MATHS ACADEMY Now !

Having o write a particular examination over and over again is very stressful,especially if its WASSCE. Forget about the classes you’ll have to attend, the busy schedules you’ll have to cope with but also the financial burden that you’ll be faced with. You’ll need to pay for the registration fees and extra tuition.

Now, this is where I come in to give you some great advice. You can thank me later but for now just keep reading. I introduce to you the Maths Academy, Ghana’s number No.1 Maths Center.

Maths Academy-Legon prepares students who are going to take the NOV/DEC exams and are struggling with preparations. Nevermind the name, Maths Academy also prepares students in the following subjects: ENGLISH, ECONOMICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY and GENERAL SCIENCE.

Locate MATHS ACADEMY at Legon, PENTAGON HOSTELS ADMINISTRATION BLOCK, FIRST FLOOR, ROOM 5. They are in the same building with Ecobank. Now, pick up your phone and call the on 0548277326. You see, the good thing is that the fees are just what you can afford.



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