Legon SRC Elections : Maybe the Prestige is Lost or the apathy vanished


One of the characteristics of every second semester is the fact that with mixed feelings final year students would be looking forward to complete school, with much concern to their GPA and how its fairing. Matters of GPA is another matter that is of great concern to many students and its worth talking about in another article.
Apart from final year students finishing school, the SRC electoral process cannot be overlooked.

Last year in terms of politics was great, for political lovers and even haters. Two main teams were on the headline… “team Mikdad and team Fobi” For many political pundits, it was clear that Mikdad would win because it seemed he was the favorite having harnessed his political career over the years in the SRC The strangest thing as that at the end of the day it was the underdog who won. Raising eyebrow from within and outside the university of Ghana. State institutions like the BNI and the Ghana Police Service all stepped in to investigate the matter.

This era also saw another dimension of the politics added to politics in the university of Ghana. Campaigns were made on political lines (NPP and NDC), something that the Vice chancellor has condemned on many platforms and to some of us it was very embarrassing and disheartening to have heard on news for all the wrong reasons not because we are part of the university community but also because we are students who are supposed to know better. Whichever way, you can never trust people when it comes to elections, they might have very strange reasons for voting for a particular person.
After a while, it seemed also that, student politics had gone down, with students showing apathy to holding positions in the university but in a “Rambo style” many names started popping up last semester to the surprise of many student politics followers and the accession that student politics was dying down has been made irrelevant to any discussion.

Since then many names have popped up and some continue to add up as the days go by. To some students and political lovers alike they believe that some of the aspirants are taking the whole populace of the university for a ride. Quite a couple of them we’ve spoken to believe an office like the SRC president should not be sort after by almost close to ten people. Has the prestige and honour attached to the office reduced? Just asking though? For the other portfolios neither do I say more, as there are more than adequate number of people searching for various positions.

Team Eugene, team Wissi, team Shadrach, team Esinam, team Amofa, Ken Richie, just to mention a few are all in the bid to seek the high office of the SRC president.Well, maybe there’s nothing wrong with about 16 people contesting for one portfolio. Nevermind there are even no names out for the other portfolios. But one question remains and it is this; are they ready for the task ahead and the demands of such a position and most importantly the dynamism that politics brings?
For how the electoral process of this year is going to pan out no one can tell, not even the political experts in student politics, but time would certainly do. All the best to all the aspirants as they still have the opportunity to strategize and plan.

For whatever reason they are all rushing for such an office, they should bear in mind that mere wishes cannot accomplish much.

Written by: Philip K. Acheampong |Eugene Agyei Brown


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