Meet Waz, an Upcoming Hitmaker


In a world where music fans want something good to soothe their taste, the pressure on musicians also becomes high because they do want their fans to be happy. The truth is that, most of them fail to do so and end up coming out with something you don’t want to listen to twice.

Meet Waz, an upcoming Ghanaian musician who seeks to take the Ghanaian music industry by storm and bring out some kind of diversity to music lovers.
Waz is signed by Tsk Records and Multimedia, a fast growing records and artiste management outfit. His artistic lyrics and great rhyming skills coupled with a smooth voice makes him one that many musicians would have to contend with.

His new music, Good Never Loss, featuring Gemini, talks about his dreams, hopes and aspirations in the music industry. He also has a latest single titled “Don’t Play”.One thing everyone should know is that he has other hit tracks coming up soon.
Enjoy the tracks now.




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