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Nigeria: 5 people Fayose could pick as VP

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State declared his intention to become Nigeria’s next president on Thursday, September 28, in the nation’s capital city of Abuja.

During his declaration, Fayose promised to fix the nation’s broken healthcare system, revamp the country’s education sector and revive a faltering economy.

Fayose is yet to settle for a Vice Presidential pick, but that’s exactly why we are here.

Here are the five persons who could be on the same ticket with Peter ‘the Rock’ Fayose.

1. Ibrahim Dankwambo

play Gombe State Governor Dankwambo

By most accounts, a decent, quiet gentleman who only cares about getting the job done.

Gombe State Governor Dankwambo has reportedly acquitted himself on the job as the number one citizen of his home State.

He’s in with a fighting chance.

2. Sule Lamido

PDP crisis, indication of strength -- Lamido Sule Lamido is a former Governor of Jigawa State (Premium Times)

He’s maintained his allegiance to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) even at a time when it wasn’t politically expedient to do so.

Alongside his sons, former Jigawa Governor Lamido is battling corruption charges in court. But so is Fayose and your favourite politician out there.

He’s a strong character as well; a trait Fayose may not exactly fancy given his out-sized persona and ego.

Godswill Akpabio

Senator Godswill Akpabio and Gov Ayodele Fayose play Akpabio and Fayose share a laugh (The Whistler)

A South West/South South PDP presidential ticket isn’t exactly likely to fly, but former Governor of Akwa Ibom State and minority leader in the Senate, Godswill Akpabio is sure to garner Fayose the votes from two geopolitical zones who cry marginalisation at every opportunity.

Akpabio is also hands-on, loud mouthed and a seasoned campaigner—just what Fayose needs on the stomp.

He splashes the cash too without let, has a thing for roughening up opposition voices and often talks a big game.

He could turn out an asset for Fayose during barnstorming season.

Sign him up, Peter!

Nnamdi Kanu

Topping the list of persons Fayose counts as friends is separatist leader and hate speech merchant Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu is currently facing charges bordering on treason and illegal possession of firearms, but he may well have been given the all clear before 2019.

And there’s nothing Fayose will love more than showing Ndigbo that he cares about them.

Picking the man who has become the face of Biafra agitations in Nigeria, could be a boon for Fayose’s attempt to see himself as a lover of the Igbos.

A Fayose-Kanu ticket could also be the Ekiti State Governor’s way of pandering to marginalisation sentiments in the South east.

And since both men share the undying trait of calling President Muhammadu Buhari all sorts of unprintable names, they could just be the pair the doctor ordered for the PDP.

5. Ahmed Makarfi

Governor of Kaduna State from 1999 to 2007.

These days, Makarfi’s day job includes managing all the egos and alpha males in the PDP as the party’s caretaker Chairman; pending when an elective convention holds.

At this moment, Makarfi’s PDP has zoned the presidency to the north of Nigeria, meaning that Fayose is not Makarfi’s flavour of the month right now.

However, all that could change if Fayose’s presidential ambition proves undefeated within the ranks of the nation’s biggest opposition party.

And in politics, nothing is really cast in stone and there are no permanent enemies.

A Fayose-Makarfi ticket may not look as far-fetched as it seems, a few months away.

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