ODADE3 Torch & Bonfire Night comes off on 7th October


The second edition of the ODADE3 Torch and Bonfire Night comes off on the 7th of October 2016.The event so far is the biggest event on any High School Alumni’s calendar.

Last year, numbers surpassed the old school reunion which until then was the biggest event of the school.

The event will start with a candle light processing through the principal streets of the school, then there will be induction of the 2006 year group into the Odade3 Fraternity after serving their 10-years probation period. The 2006 year group are poised to take their spot on that hallowed dais come October 7, 2016. There will also be a thunderous jama display amidst brass band music.

14344841_178987955871847_2730690047219548313_nThe bonfire will be lit after these activities and the jubilation will begin.This year, there will be a peace torch where invited guests will sign to commit themselves to a peaceful election 2016.

There will also be a food bazaar and a fair with loads to eat and drink. CEO’S as well as COO’S like Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong (Special Ice), Frank Adu (CAL Bank ), Mike Nyinaku (Beige Capital),Prof Mike Ocquaye and Dr. Kwesi Botchwey are some of the old boys passing through. There will be performances as well as a grand fireworks display. While at it, old boys will raise funds to support ongoing projects in the school such as the phase 2 of the dining hall, pavements and street lights around the school.

You know the interesting part, there will be lots and lots of networking opportunities for all, whether employed,unemployed or an entrepreneur. Of course that’s what happens when Odade3s meet. Brothers help brothers so don’t miss out. Forget about you not being an Odade3, you can still come.


This year’s theme encapsulates within its construct the essence of propagating national peace as the country goes to the polls, thus making it a national affair and not just for the Odade3 fraternity. Moments of tranquillity have fostered growth of not only Presec but the country at large. The brilliant results associated with any venture and the Odade3 moral, academic and social fibre for that matter can only be honed in a strife-free atmosphere.

The North American wing of the Odade3 fraternity, having blossomed into an exemplary pioneer of Ghanaian alumni associations going global will have a keen eye on the event and aid in its global broadcast.
Maturing into the Odade3 status comes with a sense of responsibility as espoused by our age old mantra of taking our places in the future of our country, church and society at large.
Torches out, lamps lighted and the pursuit is peace.
Again, the event is definitely going to be lit and a hit. Keep it on your list. You cannot miss it.



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