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A-Plus, others slam John Dumelo on Social Media

John Dumelo is in the news again. This time, he posted Aa photo of someone he assumes to be a KNUST graduate and this has caused a lot of people on social media to backlash him. Musician/Comedian A Plus  has  also expressed his ‘anger’ at John Dumelo and has completely torn into the actor for this post he made on Instagram earlier today.

Dumelo posted a photo of a man hawking bread in traffic, wondering where it went wrong for the hawker, a KNUST graduate.

Social media has been awash with criticisms of Dumelo for the post, which seems to demean hawking as a profession and the gentleman, whose photo was presumably taken without consent.

A Plus, in a response on Facebook, forcefully called on Dumelo to take down the post and apologise to the gentleman.

According to him, hawking is a profession and better than becoming a criminal.

Read Plus’ post below

I’m angry!!! Everyday I post my opinion. Today I’m posting my anger. John Dumelo remove this post from Instagram now!!! A bread seller is a human being. You can’t just take pictures of people and post it in your page for attention. A bread seller has right which must be respected. A bread seller is better than an armed robber!!! A bread seller is better than a drug dealer!!! It’s better for a person to hawk on the streets than to indulge in crime. I’m looking for this bread seller. John Dumelo must apologise to him. Or prepare for a legal battle!!!



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