Quite often, I’m confronted with questions that demand my personal position on the supreme court ruling on same sex marriage in the United States of America (hereafter referred to as USA). I have also read numerous articles in which renowned people have stated their position, most of which I find unfounded.

I believe we, as humans, need to get to a stage where reason is given supremacy over sentiments. I, by principle, maintain that there is an argument on every side.

Consequently, I intend to follow the argument to its logical end, exploiting every angle. If you will only go on thus open-mindedly, without prejudice, you will come to, I hope, a reasonable conclusion.

The first thing I’ll exploit is the Bible argument. This is because most people have said the Bible is against same sex marriage. While the Bible’s position on the matter is not in dispute, I find it very simplified to say that the Bible’s disapproval is enough to unconstitutionalize an action. The Bible also disapproves of religious pluralism. So we must all be Christians? What we must all understand is that the spirit of freedom does not permit the Bible, or any religious book, to be the standard of life. It rather gives people the right to join other religious groups or choose not to join any. Therefore the Bible has no place in issues that border on constitutionality.

Notwithstanding, I will, by my understanding of the Bible, follow this argument to its logical end, in what I hope will expose the hypocrisy of the adherents of this argument.

It is true, we all know, that the Bible is against same sex marriage. But the Bible is also against fornication, adultery, excessive alcoholism and the like. Doesn’t this, therefore, beg the question: why is no Christian calling for the criminalization of any of these acts? Because you would agree they are not illegal. Why is it that Christian groups are not raising their loud voices of advocacy, calling on governments around the world to illegalize these acts?

This, in my opinion, begs more questions. Does the Bible pitch one sin above the other? I believe the answer is NO. This is what led me to think again. Is it really about the act being wrong or it’s about it being disgusting in the eyes of those who don’t practice it? The latter, I think, is the case.

History has proven that when a group is not like you or does not act like you, you’ll most likely think them disgusting. Sometime ago, right there in the USA, biracial marriage was considered disgusting, and for that matter illegal, so that a black man could not marry a white woman. The very existence of the current President of USA would have been impossible if they allowed the country to be ruled by what people felt.

Doesn’t it suffices, therefore, to say that those who think this act is disgusting are only doing so because they are on the side of the majority?

Other minority groups -blacks, women, children- have suffered such injustice in the past but advancement in human thinking has brought us all to the realization that they are every bit human, only a little different.

Today, another minority group is counting on the ever advancing mind of you and me to understand that we are different but equal.

Let’s, for the sake of argument, assume that I have not made any sense so far, and that we should all adhere to the precepts of the Bible. What punishment does the Bible prescribe for them? I’ve read the Bible and the answer is certainly not jail term ( exactly what the US supreme court prevented per their verdict). It is rather love, understanding and care.

Isn’t it a little skeptical, just think about it, that people have selected one sin, out of the many the Bible numbers, and have advocated that perpetrators should be jailed? It got me thinking. Is it wrong or disgusting?

There are also those who have argued that not even animals practice this (This lame one honestly got me laughing). Animals also go about naked. They eat dirt. They sleep with their siblings. Must we take a cue from that too? The point is we are not animals. If anything, animals should aspire to be us and not the other way round.

Time and space will not permit me to go on. But before I go, let me let you in on something I heard (the one who said it meant it as a joke). He said God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve (you can laugh if it’s funny). But he also did not create iphones ( the human mind did). Must we stop using that too??

# food for thought

Specially Authored by Jude Serbeh Boateng of Busyghana.




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