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Rising Young Actor, Evan Eghan, Stuns in New Promo Photos

If you probably have watched Salma Mumin’s “No Man’s Land”, then I guess you wouldn’t have trouble identifying this young man. Well, if you did, it would mean he’s just looking extra dope in his new promo pics.  Campus Crash’s Chris Asante caught up with him and I bet he said things you didn’t know about him. His name is Evan Eghan and a fast rising actor. Read the full interview below.

Chris Asante: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself?

Evan Eghan: My name is Evan Eghan, yet to be a graduate from the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana-Legon. When I say yet to be a graduate, I mean that I have completed but haven’t done my graduation yet. Currently offering my national service as a teaching assistant at the Theatre arts Department. I can simply say that I am a filmmaker and a philanthropist. Entrepreneurship is within the film making so I need not to repeat that.



img_4375Chris Asante: What are your aspirations?

Evan Eghan: My aspiration, my aspiration is to positively influence people. Since film is the tool that I have, I love to make the world happy with that.

Chris Asante: What are your views on the African education system, specifically Ghana?

Evan Eghan: Null and void with discretion…..

Chris Asante: What do you think should and can be done to correct the system?

Evan Eghan: I am not the mover of the society yet (maybe when I become the president of ‘Africa’. LOL) I can only suggest but I don’t think it will even be heeded to and so practically, what I can say is that even though it is null and void, it still has something for each and everyone. It is up to the individual in question to discover his/her purpose and how the educational system can help to unleash that.

Chris Asante: What is the strike resemblance of the Ghanaian education and schooling and how do they go together?

img_4374Evan Eghan: Not only in Ghana. In any part of the globe, their meaning and relationship stays the same, only that some part of the world are able to combine the two properly for their development. However, when you descend down to our part of the world, they are our worse enemy indirectly but only few can understand from this perspective. School is the avenue for education to be facilitated but education goes beyond the school building. Education comes is various forms but we have been made to believe that school is the same as education and as a result put priority on schooling than to be educated. Now, this is the problem, most people enter the building called school without purpose, get introduced to certain unrealistic theories and millions of students gets assessed using the same standard and if you fail, u have failed in life….can’t say much for now but one needs to think for him/herself! Its not like I don’t like school but I am a different person altogether when it comes to the issue of CHOICE…. Maybe you can call me a superman….LOL<script async src=”//”></script>
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Chris Asante: So per what you have told us, do you think every Ghanaian needs schooling?


img_4373Evan Eghan: The answer is a big NO but everyone needs to be educated! Instead of one wasting his/her time in school, one should rather discover his/her purpose and learn to develop it. If you find your purpose in school, so be it but if otherwise, develop yourself and they will come back to you with their certificates to be employed.

Chris Asante: We’ve heard of your recent project “The Rough Sketch” which reflects on our typical and traditional schooling or educational trend. Kindly enlighten us.

Evan Eghan: Urrmm! I can only say a bit about it and not much. As a young African actor, I think film is one tool we can use to change the society in which we live and the world at large. So yes “The Rough Sketch” is a short film I put together starring myself, Kweku Elliot, Don Kingsley Yamoah, Kobby Acheampong and other amazing talents directed by Sebastian Asuem which depicts the reality of our educational system, how corrupt it is and where it can actually lead the future to if care is not taking.

Chris Asante: When will it be released and how do you intend to push it and grasp people’s attention?

Evan Eghan: It is actually for film festivals of which will be ready in the course of the month. So let’s just wait on it, when we are ready, we will let the world hear about it.

Chris Asante: Let me ask you this then, what do you seek to achieve with this project (Rough Sketch)?

Evan Eghan: I Just wish to conscientize the new breed to be smarter than expected so they also don’t fall into this ditch of fake promises of luxury after school. Even those who do the promise have no idea of the price.

Chris Asante: Okay! So tell us about some of the other projects (movies) you have been featured in and access your performance(s) and experience(s).

Evan Eghan: I Have featured in a number of projects both movies and series. Some are already out in the cinemas whiles others are yet to be released. Some include; interception, No Man’s Land, In God’s Name, Hooked; which is my first Nollywood project already blazing in Russian cinemas with awesome reviews and Stalemate (series). Some of the unreleased projects include; Black Emancipation Movement, Last Audition, Rosemary, If God Be For Us and then The Rough Sketch. The stage productions are numerous but I can only mention just few of them; Tartuffe, The Legend Of Aku Sika, The Trial Of Dedan Kimathi, Perpetua and The Habit Of Unhappiness.  The experience is always overwhelming since we never refuse to learn. And the performance, even though the people watch and always go crazy about it but that’s just the warm up session. They should get ready because they have not had enough of Evan Eghan. From my point of view, the previous projects were like my school assignments since I was in school and acting and learning at the same time. So now that school is over, we have nothing but the best of productions to work on.

Chris Asante: Final words…..

Evan Eghan: Finally, I can’t really say much but only to give thanks and praise to the Almighty God for how far he has brought me. I don’t even deserve to be here right now Charlie….but His grace and mercy is sufficient to get me here. There will be more stories to be told with time but now, I pray that God touches each and everyone’s heart to support the Evan Eghan brand because I have Africa at heart in terms of filmmaking and leadership. The future of African cinema is promising and with the strength of the Almighty Father, everything is possible!

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