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The Snipers – Right on Target

I learnt some time back that whenever God sees us, He just does not only see our present states but then He sees His finished work; the kind of future He has prepared for us. This whole concept changed my attitude towards others and it changed my lifestyle a lot.

I believe if we all knew how great we would be someday, there are quite a number of things we will put a stop to as soon as possible…the unnecessary public quarrels, the nonchalant attitudes, the loose talks and even our taste for some fashion trends. Some of us will have to even go the extra mile of cutting off some friends we know are marring instead of making us and we might also find it very unnecessary to keep some nicknames we so uphold among our peers.

In reality, we all have people around who are just like a sniper rifle. What we believe they are capable of achieving is a drop in the ocean compared to what they actually can do. They do not talk or make so much noise in their dealings, but the impact they make are great and always on target just like the sniper rifle (a type of weapon). Well, I cannot say these impacts from these kind of people are always good, but then when a group of scholars choose to be called ‘THE SNIPERS’, then you can be sure that they aim at nothing but the very best.
This story began in a lecture hall where the team of four first met…different backgrounds, different potentials, different goals but their presence in that class what just enough to create team Snipers. Abigail Okyere and Deborah Ofori had come from the same high school therefore joining forces as team mates was not much of a difficulty. Senyo Adu found himself in the same group with Abigail when a group work was given in class and they just did not emerged best Television presenters for that assignment but they became team mates afterwards. How Bismark joined? Bismark used to preach in this same class, so when Deborah suggested he should be the last team mate it was quite easy because he had already made his mark from preaching to them all in class. The team name was actually his idea after a prayer meeting.
Meet the Snipers, the only Ghanaian team contesting in the CIMA Global Business Challenge – an international business competition for undergraduates around the world.
“Hello fellow Ghanaians. We are team Snipers from Ghana and we are determined to make an indelible mark on the global front. With our dynamic skills, determined spirits and unrelenting hard work we have made it to the Global finals in the CFO competition. We believe strongly in our motto which says “Pioneering Change for A New Africa” because we stand for a new Africa. We are bent on moving this impact to affect the whole world. We are counting on your votes to push Ghana through. Thank you all for your support.”

Indeed championing a good course does not always take a chunck from us. Join us as we support the snipers through the finals with our votes. We know they will lift the Flag of Ghana high and will make Africa proud this time too. My name is Yaa Serwah and I vote for the Snipers and wish the snipers the very best in this contest.

Written by Yaa Serwah Antwi



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