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Snipers, the team making Ghana proud in the CFO Challenge

There is a new era and this era comes with young Ghanaians making us proud both home and abroad and that is how come these young people from the University of Ghana want to even take the name of Ghana so high in the CFO challenge.

For those who have been asking what the CFO challenge is about…..Well, it is a business case study competition where students are given a hypothetical business to analyse their issues and come out with strategies to help the business thrive. (Maybe you too can try it next year).

This year, the case was on a telecommunication company and based on their financial and the issues, the various competiting teams presented a report to advice the management on what to do to sustain the company.

After making it through the first stage of 320 teams from all over the world, Team Snipers from Ghana qualified to the quarter finals stage where they submitted a powerpoint and a video of their presentation to the board( or panel in South Africa). Based on this, the best 6 teams were chosen to do a video for public voting and finally go and compete at the Johanesberg Stock Exchange in SA.

The team of undergraduate students made up of Master Bismark Oppong Asumang, Master Senyo Adu, Miss Deborah Ofori, and Miss Abigail Amoakoa Okyere have proven beyond doubt that Ghana can compete on the global level.

If you would want to compete next year from Ghana, the SNIPERS are willing to assist you and still promote Ghana on the global platform. To keep them going in this competition and make them the Public’s Choice, vote for their video using the link below

Vote Here

Courtesy: Yaa Serwaa Antwi



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