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The Little Things That You do

Irecently heard a track in which the persona was expressing her feelings about how the little things her lover does for her means to her, and how that makes her likes him more. To her those things meant more than the expensive gifts or anything he does for her. I thought about it and realised how true, at least to a very decent extent, that was.

Thew little things we do for people sometimes mean a lot to them than we ever imagine. See, the truth is, we actually do not need to be well endowed, overly rich, ‘successfully fulfilled’ to do good to other people.

What me should know is that it takes just a second and a little bit of gesture to make a difference, and probably make someone smile. We pass by people daily with huge burdens behind those smiles on their faces and a greater burden on our hearts to do something ‘big’ in their lives forgetting that our ‘hellos’ and ‘hi’ could make our neighbours be relieved.

Have we even wondered how our colleague at work would feel like if we just stopped for a second to ask how their week was going or how welcomed they would feel if we spent a mminute to take a bite when they invited us over for lunch?

Here’s the thing, sometimes all people require of us is just a minute of affection. All they want is for us to say ‘hi’ and that will end everything.

It’s a new a new year and we must know that it doesn’t take much to make a difference.

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