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Tips: How to Match Colors Like a Pro When Dressing

The Science of Color

The guy who discovered the laws of motion also left a gift for anyone struggling to get dressed in the morning: the color wheel. Holding a prism by a window one sunny day in 1666, Sir Isaac Newton proved that light refracts into a rainbow spectrum. He then displayed the natural progression in a circle, which turned out to be handy for painters looking to create harmonious color schemes.

Today’s iteration of the color wheel, which has evolved to include in-between tones (like yellow orange and blue green) and warm and cool versions of key shades (warm orangey red, cool bluish red), offers the same help when you’re putting together an outfit. Pull out a single hue or mix opposing or bordering colors to reveal a range of palettes that are scientifically proven to look gorgeous.

Why it works: Light and dark variations of one color blend beautifully. (Picture a paint-chip swatch.)

For best results:
Wear darks on the parts you would like to downplay and lights, which catch the eye first, on the areas you want to play up. Mix textures (say, satin with knits) to give the look depth.

The Bold Palette: All Red
Wear one knockout shade (a cayenne sheath and matching pumps) to turn an outfit into an exclamation point.

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