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Tonto Dikeh goes prophetic for her fans in a special Christmas message

Tonto Dikeh prays for her fans in a special Christmas message…
Newly married Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh goes prophetic in her special Christmas message to her fans. She took to Instagram a few hours ago to write;

‘In the spirit of Christmas and love in the Air, I pray specifically for the broken hearted, for those who have lost a loved one, going through a painful divorce, or going through a Heart break from the loss of a child, husband, friend, business, family, sickness or even Lack etc’. ‘May this beautiful season not bring u sorrow but strength, May the thoughts of suicide be far away from you, May the thought of Loneliness be filled with the Love of God.

It’s easy to fall into depression this season because of the constant reminder that Christmas season is best spent with our loved ones and the sight of others happiness can be a painful reminder of what you might have lost. My sister, My brother you are not alone, You are the reason for the season’. ‘You are the reason God has sent his only begotten son to come to earth and fill that void in your heart.. Be strong! let God come in and mend those wounds, and be your plus one and provider.. I wish you a beautiful holiday my darlings.. It’s well and will always will be In Jesus Name. AMEN’…



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