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TV3 has not treated me well- Akos, Mentor Winner

TV3 has been organizing mentor for the past seven years and the winner of the last edition in 2013 was Akos, the first lady to win the Mentor music reality show.

Akos in an interview on the “AM PLUZZ” on Pluzz FM says that TV3 have not treated her well.

She said since that edition ended, things have not gone too well between her and the organizers because TV3 has reneged on all the promises they made to her.

As part of her price were a Hyundai Accent and a cash price of GHS7000. She has decided to take the Mentor sticker off her car because she says it attracts a lot of attention and it gives her a lot of pressure concerning her musical career.

However, when she said she consulted TV3, they told her to wait for a successor and for the past two years, the next season has not been held. “They are not helping me to build a brand, despite the recognition, there is a lot they have to do to help me push up,” she said.

She went on to say that TV3 promised to help her service the car for a year but they only did that once and since then she is the one shouldering all the cost.

“They only know you when there is an emergency and they need you to perform for them apart from that all the efforts I made for them to help me bring out an album has been futile,” she added.

She disclosed to AM PLUZZ that, she did a budget for them concerning her album and three videos she has to shoot to augment her album project but she has not heard from them, she went on to say that TV3 even wanted her to divert from high life to gospel but that is not her style.

“As part of my price was a recording deal but they have done nothing to support me,” Akos further stated.

She concluded by saying that, after molding raw talents the organizers of the show should strive to brand and help with production as well because it is the only way to sustain and build an image for the show.

Akos is still positive about her music career and will never give up.

“Sarfo Enterprise, Prince Darkeh, Mark Okraku, Hon. Fiifi Clottey and Socrates Sarfo where ever you are, Akos of Mentor Seven says thank you for all the support and encouragement you have nourished her with so far”, she said.



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