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Venus films is back with a new movie for wives

Venus Films has announced its latest movie; ‘What My Wife Doesn’t Know’ is a romantic comedy for wives, though it also targets other movie audiences.

“The new production amidst entertainment will be educating wives to understand their husbands and vice versa. Understanding plays a key role in relationships and we didn’t undervalue it in the upcoming movie. It’s coming soon.”

Directed by Pascal Amanfo, the new movie is produced by Abdul Salam Mumuni and stars some of Ghana’s favourite actors; Jackie Appiah, James Gardner, Salma Mumin, Toosweet Annan, Christabel Ekeh and a host of others.

It tells the story of four good friends, who are very much married men.

They have all missed who they were in their school days and have planned a trip to relive their bachelor days without their wives knowing exactly what they are up to.

The rest of the story is full thrills as the wives try to discover what their husbands are keeping away from them and what they have to do protect their marriage.

It comes with thrills and also very educative.



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