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“We are sorry for choosing Medicine: Ghanaian Doctor Apologises on behalf of other colleagues

Medicine is one of the revered professions in the world which many parents encourage their children to pursue.

But little is known about the conditions under which Ghanaian doctors work. The hospitals and clinics where they work are poorly equipped. The doctors are overworked and underpaid with their salaries delaying for months sometimes.

Doctors have had to resort to strikes to demand better working conditions.
Recently Junior doctors at the Komfo Anokye Hospital in the Ashanti Region and the Cape Coast Hospital in the Central Region laid down their tools to demand the payment of their salaries.

Government has not paid their salaries for the last 11 months.

One of the junior doctors took to Facebook to express her regret for choosing to work in the medical field in Ghana.

Below is the full letter:

We are sorry!
Dear Ghana,

On behalf of the 91 unpaid junior doctors in Ghana I wish to render our unqualified apology to the Government and to the nation as a whole for the choices we have made in life.

First of all we want to say sorry for making good grades in SSS-Just so you know it didn’t come on a silver platter we studied HARD for it .

We again want to apologize for staying up late and preparing both physically and spiritually for the different medical school interviews we attended.

On behalf of our parents, friends and family, we want to apologize for them on offering to pay our fees no matter the cost and footing the exorbitant bills of medical books, tools and equipment.
Have I apologized for ditching parties and fun fairs yet?? Oh then, we are sorry for missing out on the fun times, and great parties during our stay in the university – we had no choice .

We were busy burning the midnight candle to ace the tests so we could save lives in future and as Drs [doctors] now we are most sorry for the daily sacrifices that we make.

Sorry but I can’t mention them because we Drs complain too much anaa…?? Well sorry we’ve been asking you to pay us our due after 11 months of work without a single day’s salary.

We are REALLY sorry for disturbing your beautiful peace of mind with our relentless plea to get our pay as the hands of the “foolish” parents that fed us and are still feeding us are now growing weary.

Pls do pay us this salary and we promise on our honour in our next life never to venture near this job in this our beloved county.

Instead we shall stand for beauty contests, musical reality shows, Ghana’s strongest and the likes where we would go home with cars and cash prices and be hailed by all and sundry instead of showers of sputum, blood and urine everyday.

Thank you,
A repentant citizen.

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