Weird! Silicon Valley Billionaire pays $10K to preserve his brain

A 32-year-old Silicon Valley billionaire and tech entrepreneur, Sam Altman, has paid to join a waiting list of people who want to be killed so his brain could be preserved.
Mr. Altman desires that his brain lives forever digitally.
Mr Altman paid this huge amount to Nectome — a start-up that promises to preserve your brain so it can – hopefully, one day – upload it into a computer to grant your consciousness eternal life.
According to the company, the method that will be used is “100% fatal”.
“I assume my brain will be uploaded to the cloud,” he said.
Mr. Sam Altman joins twenty four other people who have also paid to join a waiting list at Nectome.
The company essentially proposes to embalm your brain – while you are still alive – with the intention of uploading it to a computer if or when technology permits, so that you can live digitally forever.


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