Wow- James Bond’s SPECTRE to get 24-hr screening during first week of release


It’s the 24th Bond film and, fittingly, the first to get 24 hour screenings.

Get ready for 007 heaven all day and all night when Spectre hits screens on October 26.

It is also Daniel Craig’s last time as the Bond, if his recent comments are to be believed, so make the most of him while you can.

Participating Vue cinemas are offering 24 hour screenings on the first day of release with two special sites open for a staggering seven days back to back.

With the option to view the film over 42 times in the 168 hour period, even the most die-hard fans should struggle to Never Say Never Again when, for one week only, Tomorrow truly Never Dies.

Spectre is the fourth outing for Craig and sees the action split between Mexico City and Rome.

In Italy, Bond meets the unquestionably beautiful Monica Bellucci, as Lucia Sciarra, and uncovers the existence of sinister organisation Spectre.

Dark shadows creep in as 007 starts to entangle his own chilling personal connections with the terrifying group.

SPECTRE is lead by Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz.
In the most recent trailer we saw him ominously warn Bond: “You have come here to die.”

The film also highlight the well-known truth that you need to keep your friends close and your enemies (and in this case, their daughters) even closer.

International beauty Lea Seydoux plays Madeleine Swann, the fiery daughter of Bond’s old enemy, the assassin Mr White.

Madeleine holds vital information for our trusty hero, but, as well as being another notch on the Bond bedpost, is she friend of foe?



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