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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: The Bus Experience

Anytime you board a bus, you mostly have quite a number of choices on where you would want to sit. At times, the options are not that much that you can choose from, and yet there are times when the only option left is to stand and hold on to something.

You would rather realize that during a sunny day, there is this side of the bus that has the sun shining right through the windows and the other side is almost devoid of the sun rays. The same happens on the globe; the sun gives day to one part of it while the other part experience darkness we have come to appreciate as night.

Is it not surprising that one bus can create different conditions for the people on it regardless of who they are or what they possess, just because of the position of the sun and the direction in which the bus is headed for?

What’s the point? Life is like the bus. We get on board with friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances, but then we might sit on opposite sides of the bus and that entitles us to different “sun experiences”.

The fact that we start the journey of life together with people does not mean we will blossom together or we will reach the same heights at the same time. We might be on the “rayless” side of the bus while all those around us enjoy the warmth of the sun, but it doesn’t stay that way forever.

When the bus moves in another direction, tables turn around. No matter the “hot conditions” we might be going through now, let’s bear in mind that, cool conditions will surface too- it is just a matter of time. Enough of the comparison, all plants do not germinate at the same time, neither do all the people on a public bus alight at the same bus stop. Even when God seems to have keep too long, we know from Habakkuk 2:3 that He will never delay.





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