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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: Shadows

Are there times when we take actions without any particular reasons? Or can we really give explanations to every single action we take? Just a moment…the questions sounds interesting this way; are the reasons we give for our actions an echo of other people’s reasons, so that in actual sense we are doing something which is totally not a reflection of who we are?

If we will be sincere to ourselves a lot of instances will flood our mind momentarily. Let’s make this tangible. The last time you prayed for hours on end what was the reason? Or who was your motivation? Who influences the new style of dressing you have adopted? Are the help you offer people a true reflection of your kindness or a mere photocopy of what has already been done by people? And your attitude towards that person, is it that, that is how you want to relate with her or actually you are supporting a friend who has a grudge with her?

Most times we are not bold enough to admit that all we do is just a shadow of what another person is; be it our mentor, someone we admire, we respect, and we love, someone we do not want to hurt. We are living in other people’s dreams and purposes and we do not even notice that we make the same mistakes they made and wish they could turn back the hands of time and relive those times.

Yaa Serwaa Antwi

Your mentor wants to have something at some time, what about you? What do you want? What were you created to be? You can’t continue to dress like them and behave like they do. What is your style too? Will they care to leave all they have built to come over and help you build yours when you finally realize you need a fresh start? This is not to say it is wrong to look up to others, the point is your purpose is not a shadow of your neighbours’, neither do you have combined destinies.

We might go through life and realize on our death beds that indeed we achieved nothing because we were busily living in the shadows of others. Let Revelation 14:3 guide us. We should support others to reach their goals but we cannot make that an excuse for not pursuing our own dreams. Let’s not be a shadow of others; let’s have a shadow of our own.

Written by: Yaa Serwah Antwi
Credit: Bernard Twumasi



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