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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary : Wingless Angels

Monday mornings are often very busy times especially when you have to use a major road before you can get to your workplace and today was no different. There were so many people at the bus stop waiting and hoping that some bus going their direction will make a stop there but this was almost like a wild wish. The numbers at the bus stop kept increasing and no bus had shown up in so many minutes.

That was when I started recollecting names of friends who use that same road… “If only they will pass by I will have a faster and a more comfortable journey”, I thought. Just then, a Toyota Camry registered this year, pulled up at the bus stop. For this particular car, I knew it belonged to no one I knew but then I thought the woman who drove might need just a little help so I decide to bend over and listen to what she had to say. “Where are you heading towards”, she asked and I replied astonished.Then she just nodded and asked me if I could find out if there were people going the same way; a gentleman who looked frustrated and another young lady who would not stop looking at her wrist watch were also going the same direction.

I sat in the front seat still amazed at this woman. She called out to one of her two sons in the back seat to make way for the others to join them there.We were so much grateful…but I still was trying to understand something.
Cases of people being hypnotized and duped in that same area had been recorded. Was she not bothered that these three strangers in her car could actually mean harm to herself and her two little boys? Just as these thoughts run through my mind, I saw an old Bible on the dash board ( if not old then it is one that has been really used), and I realized the kind of music she was nodding to and I just began to smile and quickly memorized her car number- I might need to return that favour.

When I alighted I just prayed to God that whatever she ever will need will be provided for doing something most of us are scared to do in these times.Then I just wanted to do the same, go out of my way and help someone too. Before I got to work, God gave me an opportunity to also put a smile on someone’s face and I am very sure he too will do same to someone else.

The very things we go out of our way to do might just create a ripple effect…it might just give others a reason to also be the smile on someone’s face or to be that blessing that comes right on time to save a bad situation. You do not need to have wings before people consider you as an angel. There are indeed people out there who are ready to take advantage of our kindness and make us regret we ever helped in the first place; but let us not look too far. Those who need you might just not be strangers, who knows?

Written by:
Yaa Serwah Antwi



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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Great piece. Girl you keep giving me awesome surprises each day and I’m grateful for getting the priviledge to read this lovely piece. Great write up


    Waaoow!! Thanks! I’m so encouraged. We are always frowning at the things that go wrong in our world but we fail to see ourselves as the solutions to those problems around us. Keep it up Yaa Serwaa!

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