Yaa Serwah’s Diary: The ‘People’ Phobia


Music is one medium through which people express not only what goes on around them or what they feel but also words they believe are worth arranging rhythmically to create some kind of content that others can relate to. Music in itself does not fascinate me like the people who make them. Sometimes, I wonder how some people can sing so well or play instruments so passionately without any struggles.

I see the confidence with which they hit some notes and the grace with which some allow their emotions to direct the course of their music, and honestly I wish I could do same.
I will never get bored watching reality shows that give people the opportunity to display their musical capabilities. My recent search for the latest of such however, left me thinking.

I had seen people with great talents get nervous as soon as they stepped onto stages to perform, but I had never seen nervousness cause someone to shake to the extent that you could mistake the situation for some sort of illness. “Why would he bother to go that far and not try to gather some courage to sing a line of any song at least?” I thought as I waited patiently to see if he would pull through. When he finally got himself together, it was my turn to put myself together. The voice I heard did not match that kind of timidity and the judges thought same, so they asked him why on earth he was hiding with that kind of voice and this was where I realized that the things we say to people continue to have impact on them even long after we have said them.

He said people had told him so many of times not to make a fool of himself and that was exactly what they had done all those years and almost everyone there shouted out of disbelief. One of the judges asked, “What people?” and he replied very confused, “people.” How possibly can anyone say that, especially to him? I realized the surprise that took over his nervous state on hearing probably for the first time ever how amazing his voice was.

What could you be hiding because of what ‘people’ will say? Was it not ‘people’ who told this man he should not have listened to ‘people’? Wait a minute… I’m very confused now about who ‘people’ is. Should we not be able to tell who and who say what to us? Or do we overlook the people and allow what they say inform our decisions? Do we ever consider the fact that not all people are worth spending time with?

We have phobia for a number of things in life-think of any- and some have come to be a part of us because of the circumstances surrounding their existence in our lives but this unpronounced phobia for what people will say (and never say) kills our passion, dreams and it crushes our hope for too many things we deserve to be and have.
So the next time you are tempted to take a decision contrary to what the real ‘you’ would do, make sure the ‘people’ involved are worth your sacrifice. The only truth about you is what God says about you…at least you know that He is not man that He should lie.

Written by: Yaa Serwah Antwi

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