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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary: There is a tomorrow; Is it mine anyway?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a tomorrow for you? Not in the sense that you would be lifeless or the end of the world would have come as it always assumed, but in the sense that whatever you planned to do tomorrow was only necessary today.

Now let us disintegrate this. Sometimes we have this wonderful gift or talent and we really want to put it to use but not today, probably tomorrow, life has never been a rush has it? So tomorrow comes and someone else we least expected has done with extreme ease what we thought was our unique plan, business idea or talent. “Perhaps I was not meant to do this after all”, we might say with a sigh trying to console ourselves.

The truth on the ground is that, that idea would have been special if only the thought of doing it tomorrow had never crossed our mind. Let us talk about the other time when we had this intense prompting to speak to that girl or do something for that quiet boy and we thought the next day would be the best and we totally forgot because of our busy schedules.

Funny enough we have best friends who are always on our side. Guess who they are… EXCUSES. Yes! Excuses of different forms and in different languages with almost feasible evidence. “So why did you not tell him the truth about this issue today?” a friend might ask and our response, “ Oh I really wanted to tell him but then since I would meet him tomorrow I thought it wise to wait until then, after all it’s not like I won’t ever tell him.”

The truth about tomorrow is that it has its own issues just like today has and it will take care of itself (Matthew 6:34). No matter what you would want to do tomorrow, you will certainly have to wait till after today. What you can or cannot do tomorrow too depends on today. You might not be needed tomorrow even if your tomorrow comes. You are not the only one who can fit in that spot everyone has their eyes on, so while you have time today, make sure you are the first to fit there because you can, tomorrow might just be too late.

Written by;
Yaa Serwah Antwi



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